The story of four grumpy old men linked by their deafness, living in a Yorkshire village. They all went to Deaf school together. Two of the men, Fred and Vikram, returned to the village after attending the funeral of Ben and John, forming a new foursome. The men love to argue and compete with one another, but they also have a close bond and will stick up for one another in the end. 




Deadline for application: 14th  May 2021


Please send to a link to a 2 min(max) clip of a signed joke or story


  • Actors all ages please apply - make-up will be used to make you look older.


  •  We want people who are able to tell a funny story in BSL but we also need you to be able to convey emotional moments too.


  • Actors need to be available for filming during July 2021 for 12 days and available for future filming dates in 2022. Availability is key.


  • A short list will be compiled from all applications and those on the short list will be invited to an online audition.




Main characters


FRED age 72

BSL user

Fred is a gentleman. He’s the glue that keeps the men together. 

He’s sensitive, and empathetic, often a voice of reason and sense. He’ll help his friends and protect them when things go wrong.

He’s also quite sensible, a little uptight and stiff. He used to be an accountant, so he knows what everything costs. And he thinks everything should be done in the proper way - well organised! Anything he does - he’ll be completely prepared for - which can annoy the others!

He’s a lifelong bachelor - he’s never been married or even engaged. He’s happy being single (though he might not stay single forever!).

Fred grew up in Yorkshire and went to Deaf school with the other men. But he then moved to London for many years and came back to the village five years ago.




VIK age 72

BSL user

Vikram loves any kind of competition! 

He really loves to win, to prove himself. Whether it’s playing snooker, darts, or anything really!

Vikram is cheeky, he loves to tease people, to make a joke, even if it annoys the other person.

Underneath his bravado, he really cares about his friends.

Vikram is a brilliant cook (he used to be a chef) and is also good at other crafty and creative things - a man of hidden talents.

He has a book of life lessons which he sometimes quotes from.

Vikram was married once and has two children, including one granddaughter. After years working for his uncle’s business, he returned to the Yorkshire village five years ago.



Supporting characters


DAWN age 30

SSE signer, partially deaf, speaks and signs

Dawn is at a crossroads in her life. She’s stuck in a job at Wetherspoons and has been single after her last boyfriend went travelling. She’s just turned 30 and wants to get her life on track - but she’s had no support from her father, Angus.

When she was growing up, both her parents were more focused on their own lives than on her. But now it’s time for her to tell Angus what she really thinks, and ask for his support to help her take her next steps in life.

Dawn hasn’t quite grown up yet. She can be immature and impulsive, but she knows things need to change and she’s going to make that happen - even if things go wrong on the way!




BSL user

Madeline is sweet and naive.

She sees the best in people and is caring. 

She likes a simple life - a cup of tea and a slice of cake, and watching her favourite programme - Coronation Street!

She’s a widow, her last husband died. She’s got on with her life since, but sometimes feels lonely. 

She can make things overcomplicated, for example, when she gives people directions!

She likes gardening and is hoping to find love again with a nice man. He doesn’t have to be perfect, just someone to keep her company and to talk to.



ANITA age 70

BSL user

Anita is glamorous and confident, self-assured. She’s intelligent and well-read. She also used to be a model and an actor.

She knows what she wants and won’t take any nonsense. She’ll also tell people exactly what she thinks about them, if she needs to!

Anita thinks life is for living, and making the most of things.

She is divorced, and wealthy, but she used to be poor so she knows what both sides of life are like. She looks after horses.

She would like to fall in love again but only with the right person.

She’d rather have a nice chat with a friendly man than bother getting into romance for the sake of it.