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Two Deaf Yorkskermen - Takeaway

Director:  Louis Neethling

Producer: Camilla Arnold

Scriptwriter:  Charlie Swinbourne

Genre:  Comedy

Actors: John Smith, Matt Kriby, Julian Peedle-Callo and Chris Laing

28 min - BSLZONE 2022

Comedy. About the adventures of four grumpy old deaf men in a Yorkshire village.   Vikram is persuaded to set up a takeaway business, but as his ambitions rise, can the men keep up with the increase in orders?  Meanwhile, Tim tries to pluck up the courage to ask Madeline out on a date, and Angus realises he has let his daughter Dawn down.  Starring:  Jahannah James and Patsy Gorman. Produced for BSLBT by Mutt and Jeff Pictures.

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