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Two Deaf Yorkskermen Wedding

Director:  Louis Neethling

Producer: Camilla Arnold

Scriptwriter:  Charlie Swinbourne

Genre:  Comedy

Actors: John Smith, Matt Kriby, Julian Peedle-Calloo,  Chris Laing and Patsy Gorman

28 min - BSLZONE 2022

Comedy. When Dawn announces that she is getting married, Angus worries that she’s chosen the wrong man. He is given numerous tasks as the bride's father and struggles to complete them before the wedding. Tim becomes protective of Madeline and wants to tell her how he really feels about her. Things start missing in the village and the men search for a burglar. Will Dawn’s wedding day go as planned? A Mutt & Jeff Pictures production in association with Eyewitness Media, written by Charlie Swinbourne, produced by Camilla Arnold and directed and edited by Louis Neethling.

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