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Departure Lounge

Two men Two Lives One friendship


Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Charlie Swinbourne

Genre:  Drama

Stars: Hal Draper, David Sands, Debbie Norman, Patsy Palmer, Abigail Gorman

27 min - BSLZONE 2010



A celebration of the friendship and deaf solidarity that develops between Sid, an older hospital patient and Matt, a young hospital cleaner. Sid is frightened and isolated while Matt is running from his responsibilities. It is their deafness that creates the initial bond between the two men. Matt breaks down Sid’s isolation by taking him up on to the roof of the hospital and together they create a deaf club in the sky. Here they talk, fall out and make up, speculate about a deaf heaven, and gradually come to realise that, despite everything, each can give courage to the other.

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