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Four Deaf Yorkshiremen Go to Blackpool

Director:  Charlie Swinbourne

Producer: Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Charlie Swinbourne

Genre:  Comedy

Stars: John Smith, Matt Kirby, Ilan Dwek, Jonathan Reid

28 min - BSLZONE 2014


In this comedy-drama in sign language, four grumpy old Deaf men travel to Blackpool for an annual Deaf event, hoping to make new Deaf friends. Back home in Yorkshire, their Deaf club has closed, so this is their chance to mix with Deaf people again, but when they meet some young Deaf men, things start to go wrong. One of the old men storms off home, but the other three decide to battle on, and find they are soon riding rollercoasters and playing games against the young men, to settle their differences! In between, there is an unexpected arrest, a rude awakening at their hotel, and the chance to tell hilarious stories with their hands, about subjects like exploding elbows, being knocked out by footballs, and much more! In the end, the young and old men decide their battle with a game of cricket on Blackpool beach. Win or lose, can the old and young men find a connection across the generations? This is a story told in the British seaside tradition that reveals the visual nature of Deaf comedy.

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