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Small World



Prodcer/Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Brain Duffy and Ace Manhbaz

Genre:  Sitcom

Stars:  Brain Duffy, Ace Manhbaz, David Sands, Adam Bassetts, Sophie Stone, Ilan Dwek, Matt Kyle, Ben Green

28.30 min - BSLZONE 2014


Ex-students, Alfonso and Ryan, are flat mates and best friends. A couple of dreamers who live together in a legendary flat where generations of Deaf students have lived. People have met the loves of their lives at parties at the legendary flat (even a baby or two has been conceived!) but everyone has moved on to new lives all except Alfonso and Ryan. With their latest flat mates leaving, Alfonso and Ryan need to quickly find replacements to pay the rent. New flat mates always mean change but that's not always a bad thing even when it feels like it... 


Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool

Director:  Charlie Swinbourne

Producer: Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Charlie Swinbourne

Genre:  Comedy

Stars: John Smith, Matt Kirby, Ilan Dwek, Jonathan Reid

28 min - BSLZONE 2014


In this comedy-drama in sign language, four grumpy old Deaf men travel to Blackpool for an annual Deaf event, hoping to make new Deaf friends. Back home in Yorkshire, their Deaf club has closed, so this is their chance to mix with Deaf people again, but when they meet some young Deaf men, things start to go wrong. One of the old men storms off home, but the other three decide to battle on, and find they are soon riding rollercoasters and playing games against the young men, to settle their differences! In between, there is an unexpected arrest, a rude awakening at their hotel, and the chance to tell hilarious stories with their hands, about subjects like exploding elbows, being knocked out by footballs, and much more! In the end, the young and old men decide their battle with a game of cricket on Blackpool beach. Win or lose, can the old and young men find a connection across the generations? This is a story told in the British seaside tradition that reveals the visual nature of Deaf comedy. Trailer click here.

Still Here

It an't over till the fat lady signs!


Prodcer/Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Alison Lynch

Genre:  Drama, Comedy

Stars:  Hal Draper, Terry Edwards, John Smith, Jean St. Clair, Johnny Gapp, Caroline Parker

27 min - BSLZONE 2012


Friends and fellow Deaf club performers: Les, Reg, Cyril and Ruby have been together for over 30 years. When Ruby falls ill their lives are thrown in to turmoil; she has been the one keeping them together. Relationships are put to the test and a sudden realisation that they're not young any more adds to the situation. Les' son, Paul, replaces Ruby in the group but will that be enough to save their performing group? Still Here is a black comedy that looks at friendship, ageing and change. A film that celebrates the senior members of the Deaf club community.  Trailer click here.

Fairytale of London Town

The season of goodwill just got better!


Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Rebecca Atkinson

Genre:  Family

Stars: Patsy Palmer, Caroline Parker, Sarah Beauvoisin

27 min - BSLZONE 2011



A bittersweet modern day fairytale where three deaf women, Veronica, Karen and Sally, face three very different Christmases until an unexpected event throws them together. Veronica is just out of prison, Sally’s sons have left home and Karen has to work through Christmas; what could they possibly have in common? It's the rediscovering of their past that unites them. The experiences and dreams they had when they were together at Deaf school ignite a yearning for more in their lives and leads them to take another chance on life. Trailer click here.



When the turths hurts


Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Rebecca Aktinson

Genre:  Drama

Stars: Matthew Gurney, Sophie Stone, Alexander Bruce, Isabelle Amyes

28 min - BSLZONE 2010


Mark, a young deaf man, adopted by hearing parents, is determined
to uncover the truth about his past but in so doing reveals a tragic family secret.
Mark and his girlfriend, Kate, travel to Suffolk to find out about his birth mother, and why she gave Mark up for adoption. However, the atmosphere at his birth mother’s cottage, the revelations of local people and fractured memories of the past combine to overwhelm him. The past crashes into the present in a film that asks whether the ‘truth’ is always empowering or is it, sometimes that it remains hidden?
Trailer click here.



Two men Two Lives One friendship


Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Charlie Swinbourne

Genre:  Drama

Stars: Hal Draper, David Sands, Debbie Norman, Patsy Palmer, Abigail Gorman

27 min - BSLZONE 2010



A celebration of the friendship and deaf solidarity that develops between Sid, an older hospital patient and Matt, a young hospital cleaner. Sid is frightened and isolated while Matt is running from his responsibilities. It is their deafness that creates the initial bond between the two men. Matt breaks down Sid’s isolation by taking him up on to the roof of the hospital and together they create a deaf club in the sky. Here they talk, fall out and make up, speculate about a deaf heaven, and gradually come to realise that, despite everything, each can give courage to the other. Trailer click here



Find magic where you least expect to.


Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Alison Lynch

Genre:  Fantasy

Stars: Bora Tukenmez

10 min - 2008


Horatio is a mystical, ghost -like character who briefly touches the lives of two people - signs appear and tokens are left. To view film.



A mother and son ... one compelling secret.


Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Charlie Swinbourne

Genre:  Comedy

Stars:  David Hay, Debbie Norman, Ilan Dwek

5 min - 2007



A son goes to his mother with a compelling secret. Will she understand? To view film.


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