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Interactive Learning Resource
The world of broadcast media offers an increasingly rich source of employment opportunities for Deaf graduates and professionals. However, the constant communication through written English can prove a barrier for Sign Language users.

With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union, the SignMedia project aims to break down these barriers with an innovative and accessible online learning resource, promoting career development and a new level of confidence for deaf media professionals.

The innovation
SignMedia delivers an interactive learning experience that teaches elements of written English through sign language.  Users will encounter a flexible and engaging learning environment, combining elements of video, animation and game-play.

All learning activities are designed around authentic media documentation taken from the production process, such as Location Risk Assessments, Crew and Actors Call Sheets and Scripts, enabling deaf users to develop language skills that are directly transferrable to their work environment.

Who is it for?
The online learning tool is accessible for users of British, Austrian and Italian sign languages.  It is designed primarily for deaf media professionals, but has clear benefits for deaf media students and other sign language users who wish to develop their written English at an intermediate level.

Hearing people with a professional or personal interest in sign languages can also make use of this excellent resource.

The Team
A European collaboration, the experienced team of Deaf and hearing professionals offers expertise in e-learning, media, Deaf education, sign language and linguistics. SignMedia project partners are the

- University of Wolverhampton (UK),

- Klagenfurt University (Austria),

- University of Turin (Italy) and

- Mutt & Jeff Pictures Ltd (UK).

*see website for details :

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