SMALL WORLD series one & two

Producer/Director:  Louis Neethling

Screenwriter:  Brian Duffy and Ace Manhbaz

Genre:  Sitcom

Stars:  Brain Duffy, Ace Manhbaz, David Sands, Adam Bassetts, Sophie Stone, Ilan Dwek, Matt Kyle, Ben Green

28.30 min - BSLZONE 2015 - 2016


Ex-students, Alfonso and Ryan, are flatmates and best friends. A couple of dreamers who live together in a legendary flat where generations of Deaf students have lived. People have met the loves of their lives at parties at the legendary flat (even a baby or two has been conceived!) but everyone has moved on to new lives all except Alfonso and Ryan. With their latest flatmates leaving, Alfonso and Ryan need to quickly find replacements to pay the rent. New flatmates always mean change but that's not always a bad thing even when it feels like it... 

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

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