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UP For It Series 3

Producer/Director:  Louis Neethling

Scriptwriter:  Camilla Arnold

Genre:  Children

Presenters:  Mia Ward and Nadeem Islam

28 min - BSLZONE 2019

In this wet and windy episode, we go sailing with Jack!

Children's programme. Jack, who has never sailed before, joins a sailing trip organised by the Royal Association for Deaf People. Round the world, Deaf sailor, Gerry Hughes, joins Jack on his first day aboard the old sailing ship and gives him some sailing tips. Back in the studio, there’s a challenge for Mia and Nadeem and somebody gets wet! Naomi and Ricco show us a sailing race in Visual Vernacular and Magic shows us her one of her tricks.  Produced for BSLBT by Mutt and Jeff Pictures.

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